Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Night out for the new Chucks

From: @anytmich

Of shoes and shadows

From: @anytmich

My old pair of Chucks

From @jonk

~ Those are some sexy Chucks, @jonk. Love 'em when they're worn hard. -A

Me, Paddling

From @jonk

Laying on the Boat

From @jonk

Old Floor

From @jonk

~ Nice photo. I have one very similar. I'll find it and post it. -A

Waiting at Las Vegas Airport

From @jonk

In the car...On the way to the funeral home

From @jonk

A foot and a half of snow

From: @anytmich


Welcome to the "Got Chucks?" Project. This is a brand new project and I'm going to need help to make it a success. I'll tell you a couple of things you can do to help, but first a brief explanation as to why I'm doing this.

There's just something about Chuck Taylors. Something about the way they are old skool and current at the same time. Something about the way the older and more beat up they get, the more comfortable (and sexier) they become. And something about the people who wear them. Suffice it to say, I have a thing for Chuck Taylors...and I know I'm not alone. But you need not be unnaturally attached to your Chucks to contribute! All are welcome. I also love creative photography and seeing other people's creativity. So here's a chance to get creative and celebrate Chucks all at the same time!

Okay, so how can you help? 

First and foremost you can join the project. Go to Twitter and send a tweet to me, @antymich, with a link to a photo of yourself with your Chuck Taylors, (twitpic, flickr, etc.), along with a short title for the photo. I'll grab the photo and add it to the blog, along with credit in the form of a link to your twitter account. Get creative, have fun, (I don't mind making this an adults-only blog if necessary) :) and contribute as many photos as you'd like.

You can also help by tweeting this message: 
Got Chucks?  #gotchucks

Or by giving this project a mention in your own blog, (I'll be happy to mention your blog here in return). 

The more people who contribute, the more interesting the project will be. So do me a favor and spread the word. Then stay tuned and watch the project grow.

I look forward to your contribution. -A