Thursday, July 30, 2009

debating if i should wear these fierce steve madden heels or my chucks to the cocktail party tomorrow...


~ Ha, tough choice. Guess it would depend on the vibe, (though of course I'd rather attend a cocktail party with a Chucks vibe). So tell us, which did you end up going with and how did it work out? We're dying to know. :) -A

UPDATE: Check out rabbithole13's comment to see which she ended up wearing.

[@rabbithole13's blog, RH.rabbit.hole., has a really interesting mix of found and original pics. Be sure to check it out.]


  1. i chose the heels and severely regretted it! i'm in my sister's wedding in september and i'm wearing my chucks in it, though!!!

  2. Haha! Good for you! Send us some pics from the wedding. ;) -A